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“When I pick up my twins, they can’t wait to share what they have learned. JEWELS is a blessing for our family.” 


“The JEWELS program is a dream come true. I attribute this to the encouragement of an intuitive and nurturing teacher.” 


“After much searching, I think we have found our ‘home.’ Our daughter returns from her JEM and says she loves it, the kids and her teacher.  I never thought I would hear that about Hebrew school.” 


“My kids look forward to their JEWELS JEM each week and have a wealth of knowledge regarding their Jewish heritage.”


“My son enjoys the low-key learning approach and feels like a part of a community. Families work together, the instructors are carefully chosen and monitored, and the entire program is beautifully conceived and run.” 


“JEWELS has been a terrific experience for our daughter and something she will carry with her for the rest of her life.”  

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