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Preschool through 6th-Grade

Judaic Education Modules (JEMS) for pre-school through 6th-grade will meet in-person at students’ homes on one weekday afternoon per week. Additionally, grades 4 & 5 will meet online in small groups of 3 - 4 students for ½ hour per week for Hebrew reading and prayer instruction.


Home-based classes are organized by grade level and location.

As our first priority is the health and safety of our students and staff,

CDC guidelines will be followed.

Classes are structured as follows:

Judaic Learning

  • Teacher-facilitated, student-centered approach

  • Experiential learning opportunities

  • Family learning opportunities

  • Community gatherings including Shabbat and holiday celebrations, and community service events

Hebrew Learning K – 3rd-grade

  • Jewish Life Vocabulary – A collection of Hebrew words or phrases that increases one’s connections to Jewish people, traditions, culture and life

  • Hebrew Through Movement – Students run, jump, spin and point their way to learning basic vocabulary used in rituals, blessings, and prayers

  • Hebrew songs and prayers

Hebrew Learning 4th – 6th-grade

  • Jewish Life Vocabulary

  • Hebrew songs and prayers

  • Small group online Hebrew pods for ½ hour per week to learn and practice reading Hebrew and chanting prayers

”When I pick up my twins, they can't wait to share what they have learned. JEWELS is a blessing for our family.”


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