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Registration for the VOS JEWELS 2024-2025 school year is now open!

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Tuition for the 2024-2025 School Year

  • Little JEMS (2-3 yrs):  $495

  • Gan (Pre K-K):  $605 Tuition + $50 Activity Fee

  • Alef (1st):  $605 Tuition + $50 Activity Fee

  • Bet (2nd):  $605 Tuition + $50 Activity Fee

  • Gimel (3rd):  $1,315 + $100 Activity Fee

  • Dalet (4th):  $1,595 + $100 Activity Fee

  • Hey (5th):  $1,815 + $100 Activity Fee

  • Vav (6th):  $1,925 + $100 Activity Fee

VOS Membership is required for families of students in 3rd – 6th-grade. Tuition assistance is available for those who qualify. Families with children in 2nd grade and younger must become members after their first year of participating in JEWELS. 


VOS JEWELS Membership Costs for 2024–2025

  • 2 Parent Family:    $2,180

  • 1 Parent Family:    $1,100

Applications for tuition assistance are accepted June through August for the coming school year.

Contact Karen Lavin for more information.

Be a Host Family

One of the joys of VOS JEWELS home-based learning is the opportunity to be a host family and have your student's JEM meet at your home. Our teacher will do most of the work,

and you provide the setting.

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